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Big Mac Polishes Image With Biodiesel-Fueled Trucks

  • Linda Platts
  • McDonald’s claims that its latest initiative is not a publicity stunt. The company has announced that its cooking oil from french fries, hash browns, and chicken McNuggets will be recycled and used to fuel its fleet of trucks in the United Kingdom, reports the BBC. Considering that the company has 1,200 outlets in the United Kingdom, it should have ample supplies to grease the wheels of this new venture.

    In Austria, the company’s trucks are already running on biodiesel. Company officials claim that the switch is the equivalent of taking 2,400 cars off the road.

    For those Brits who hoped to power their own cars with biodiesel collected from the local McDonald’s, they will have to look elsewhere as the giant U.S. company is going to take care of its own first. The plan is to combine 85 percent filtered cooking oil with 15 percent pure rapseed oil to power 155 trucks around the British countryside.

    Stay tuned for more news on the environmental revolution occurring at our friendly fast-food chain.


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