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The Hidden Politics of the Light Bulb Ban

  • Shawn Regan
  • On the January 15 show, PERC research fellow Shawn Regan discussed the political origins of the incandescent light bulb ban with Detroit’s personality and radio show host Frank Beckmann.

    “When we see these regulations, we tend to think that environmnetalists are pushing them and that’s the extent of it, but what we’ve found here at PERC…it’s really these coalitions of groups that are behind the scenes…When you start to see these coaltions [industry and environmentalists] come together saying that these regulations will solve all our problems, we’d better watch out because it is probably green cronyism in disguise.”


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    Written By
    • Shawn Regan
      Shawn Regan
      • Vice President of Research

      Shawn Regan is a research fellow and vice president of research at PERC.  He is the executive editor of PERC Reports.

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