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Volume 19, No.1, Spring 2001

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Above and Beyond

The state of Oregon has recognized several companies for environmentally superior operations that have exceeded regulatory standards. The companies received “green permits,” which entitle them to special treatment from state regulators. For example, the number of inspections by the state could be reduced, or required reports to the state could be filed in a moreContinue reading "Sweet Success"

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Dot.Com Does Good

Many around Silicon Valley seem to have stock options as their top priority. Not so for Richard Gill and Will Hoover, the cofounders of, who had a slightly different business model in mind. They are raising money for environmental projects throughout the San Francisco Bay area, with a particular focus on the doingsContinue reading "Sweet Success"

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A Place for the Obsolete

Staying one step ahead of the regulators, IBM has created a recycling service for personal computers. The New York-based computer maker took the offensive by establishing the IBM PC Recycling Service. For a fee of $29.99, IBM will accept whatever computer parts you can cram in a box and ship to Envirocycle in Hallstead, Pa.Continue reading "Sweet Success"

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Banking on Streams

When plans for a $243.5 million industrial park in Missouri failed to come together, the developers looked for an alternative way to profit from the site, creating the nation's first stream mitigation bank.

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Sweet Success

The EcoEnterprises Fund has invested $500,000 in a private company that works with small scale cocoa producers in Latin America. ‘By investing in businesses doing the right thing, we can help people make a living, and help protect the world’s great places,’ says Tammy Newmark, president of the fund. The $10 million fund provides ventureContinue reading "Sweet Success"

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  Every few years the phone rings and a person in distress says, “Wallace, something awful is going to happen.” The caller’s neighbor or someone close by has decided to cut timber. The distress in the caller’s voice verges on panic, as if the house had started to burn. The end is near. And it’sContinue reading "Sweet Success"

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