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Volume 19, No.4, Winter 2001

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Enviro-Capitalists Today

  From Arizona to Swaziland, entrepreneurs are flourishing. Entrepreneurs are applying their talents and the tools of the marketplace to the protection of landscapes, wild animals, and even historic buildings. On these pages, meet a few of these enviro-capitalists. A Passion for Trees Chuck Leavell   Chuck Leavell is a highly admired pianist who playsContinue reading "Enviro-Capitalists Today"

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Farming the Ocean

    Michael Markels has an idea. Actually, he has two. He believes that his ideas can feed the world and solve global warming as well. Markels doesn’t think small. Markels is an environmental engineer, entrepreneur, and dreamer. He’s semi-retired now, at least in theory, as chairman emeritus of his firm Versar, Inc. But withContinue reading "Enviro-Capitalists Today"

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