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Volume 22, No.1, Spring 2004

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Unsalted Water

In Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, efforts to access a major new source of natural gas stalled when drilling for coalbed methane also produced millions of gallons of tainted groundwater. In order to release the methane gas, water trapped in the underground coal seams must be pumped to the surface. The water is so laden withContinue reading "Facing The Unknown"

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Incentives At Work

In Anchorage, Alaska, companies are giving their employees incentives to reduce winter air pollution. They come in the form of cold hard cash, and they work. But the companies too have an incentive to reduce air pollution. Green Star, a local nonprofit, hands out well publicized Air Quality Awards to the companies that make anContinue reading "Facing The Unknown"

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Revolutionizing Pulp

The rising global demand for paper is forcing producers to look beyond trees to crops such as flax and hemp. The increase in forests set aside for wildlife preserves and recreation is also reducing the availability of wood pulp typically used in papermaking. Experiments conducted by Alberta-Pacific Forests Industries Inc. (Al-Pac) of Canada indicate thatContinue reading "Facing The Unknown"

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