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Volume 24, No.2, Summer 2006

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Poachers to Rangers

In the heart of Cambodia is the most important waterbird zone in mainland Southeast Asia. At Prek Toal, just-hatched chicks peep in deafening high tones, while larger birds take off, land, and perform mid-air acrobatics. Many rare and endangered birds make their home here, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve on the edge of Tonle Sap, SoutheastContinue reading "The 19th Century Comanche"

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Letters to the Editor

  A Distorted Picture of Canadian Forests   Alison Berry?s article about Canadian forest management (?Timber Tenures,? March 2005) takes a somewhat truncated view of the situation?giving us all of the good but none of the bad. There are some very large downsides to the timber lease and tenure structures, and those pitfalls have causedContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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