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Volume 20, No.4, Winter 2002

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Blast from the Past

Grain growers in Washington’s Spokane Valley traditionally burned the rubble on their fields after harvest. More recently, concern about air quality amidst the growing population is forcing many of them to give up the practice. As a result, the farmers have been left in the lurch. They still must remove the rubble, which they doContinue reading "Blast from the Past"

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Alligators Go West

The high desert of southern Idaho seems an unlikely spot for fish farms and alligator ranches, but one ingenious farmer has made a success of just such an operation. Leo Ray, who studied fish farming at the University of Oklahoma, visited the area after graduation and decided it would be a near perfect location forContinue reading "Blast from the Past"

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Wastewater on Sale

A tidal wave of wastewater from rapidly growing towns and suburbs is creating a headache for officials in counties north of San Francisco. Somehow, somewhere, they have to dispose of it. Small farmers who buy the water for agricultural uses have helped relieve some of the pressure. They also have eased the problem in anotherContinue reading "Blast from the Past"

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