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Volume 23, No. 3, Fall 2005

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Old Becomes New Again

The latest trend in furniture appears to be environmentally sound, remarkably inventive, and priced considerably higher than the wares at Pier 1. Coat racks made from steel rebar, light fixtures from wooden pallets, and headboards from rusty garden gates are all the rage. This reclaimed-object furniture was once the decor of necessity for struggling collegeContinue reading "A Letter to the Editor"

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Soot-Free in Montana

Libby, Montana, a town of about 8,000 residents located in the northwest corner of this giant state, is probably best known for its health problems related to asbestos. But its troubles don’t end there. In this remote and economically depressed area, residents often rely on wood stoves for heat. The result is air pollution thatContinue reading "A Letter to the Editor"

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Capturing the Wealth of Nature

  To economists and policy makers, the term “New West” describes a region that is experiencing increasing demand for amenities from natural resources—demand for more open space, scenic beauty, and relatively untouched landscapes.1 The “Old West,” in contrast, was based on demand for commodities such as timber, agriculture, and minerals. The Old West is illustratedContinue reading "A Letter to the Editor"

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