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Volume 24, No.4, Winter 2006

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Green to the End

Dying is big business in the United States to the tune of $26 billion dollars annually. Yet a growing number of people and their next of kin are seeking an alternative path to the final resting spot. Ramsey Creek Preserve in South Carolina, a privately owned 32-acre plot of old growth woods, offers its land forContinue reading "California Cow Power"

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Finding Common Ground

Komodo National Park is located on one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, just one of 10,000 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. Best known for the famous land-dwelling Komodo Dragons, Grist says it is also home to an underwater environment containing some of the greatest concentrations of marine diversity on the planet. It has more thanContinue reading "California Cow Power"

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California Cow Power

In a state with no shortage of daily manure, Reuters News Service reports that a major utility has signed an agreement to augment its energy supplies with natural gas generated from cow patties. Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E). has signed a deal with Micrology Inc., a subsidiary of Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Environmental Power Corp.,Continue reading "California Cow Power"

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Letters to the Editor

A Case of Government Discrimination I note an important oversight in Robert Glennon’s tentative endorsement of market solutions for settling claims to water rights. Toward the end of the article he qualifies his endorsement with an argument that is as old as the environmental movement—that “Markets have difficulty internalizing environmental values.” He then proceeds toContinue reading "Letters to the Editor"

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