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Volume 42, No.2, Winter 2023

Conservation issues can be divisive, to say the least. Whether it’s the water wars of the Southwest, the timber wars of the Pacific Northwest, or the wolf wars of the Northern Rockies, environmental debates often devolve into zero-sum fights between competing groups. Under this status quo approach, opponents are more likely to demonize each other than to try to understand each others’ perspectives. For more than 40 years, PERC has advanced a different approach—one that harnesses markets and incentives to improve environmental outcomes by promoting cooperation instead of conflict. Today, these ideas are gaining traction. This special issue of PERC Reports is devoted to that unique approach and features several pilot projects from PERC’s Conservation Innovation Lab.

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Welcome to Paradise

Prime habitat for elk in Montana’s Paradise Valley means headaches for ranchers there. PERC’s work to reward the private stewardship—and public benefits—that working lands provide on Yellowstone’s northern doorstep sets the stage for conservation innovation

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